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How to give up Smoking

Are e cigarettes an effective method to quit smoking?

There are many anecdotal stories that e-cigarettes have helped some smokers to quit, however there are no properly conducted scientific studies which prove that they are an effective aid for sustained smoking cessation.

What should smokers do who wish to quit smoking?

Smokers should be advised to consider other forms of  nicotine replacement therapies and other such medications as advised by their doctor. In addition they should seek the help of their doctor or pharmacist.

If you’re using an e-cigarette to quit smoking, the type of device you use may make a difference.

Almost 28 percent of people who used refillable “tank” models like Steamers every day to get their nicotine hit gave up smoking, compared with 11 percent of those using “cigalikes” (Elite, Nicolites) that are disposable or use replaceable cartridges, according to a study by addiction scientists at King’s College London. Quitting rates for non-daily users of e-cigarettes were lower, though tank aficionados still came out ahead.

Giving up cigarettes is hard not just because of nicotine addiction, but also because many smokers have firmly attached their smoking to certain rituals, events and times of day. At the end of a meal, while talking on the phone or during social occasions, smokers may find themselves reaching for a cigarette. Many stop-smoking devices are on the market, and you may have to try several before finding one that works. The electronic cigarette method is intended to help you quit without having to rethink your rituals and habits.

A Guide to using the e cigarette to give up smoking

Step 1

Choose the level of nicotine you want to use. Steamers e-cigarettes use nicotine liquids that allow you customize your nicotine from strong (24mg)  to low (12mg). The 24mg Nicotine is suitable for smoker of high strength cigarettes similar to Rothmans or Benson. The low level 12mg is suitable for the lighter cigarette smoker, Marlbro Lights for example.

Step 2

Choose one cigarette a day to replace witha Steamer, your after-dinner smoke, for example. After a week or so, replace an additional daily cigarette. Be consistent in exchanging one real cigarette for the electronic one every week until you are using only the electronic cigarette.

Step 3

Decrease the amount of nicotine until you aren't using any at all. Do this one cigarette at a time, over a period of several months, so you won't go through physical withdrawal.

Step 4

Replace the habitual "smoking" of electronic cigarettes with other activities. Take the dog for a walk instead of "smoking" after dinner, for example. Or, when the phone rings, reach for a pencil and pad to doodle with instead of reaching for the electronic cigarette.