Menthol 18mg
Menthol 18mg

Menthol 18mg

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Our Premium quality e liquid is one of the best e liquids available in Ireland. Our e liquid manufacturer is the No.1 in the world, whose safety and manufacturing practices are first class.

The best products come from the best ingredients. We are the only manufacturer truly using natural tobacco ingredients in the industry. Our products deliver cigarette smoking sensation without the harmful ingredients, and the taste is much better than other products made of chemical ingredients in the market. We insist in using only top grade ingredients and materials, such as 99% pure nicotine, PG/VG from American Dow.

Our e liquid contains high quality ingredients include 99% pure nicotine and USP graded PG/VG to guarantee the quality and safety of our products. We deploy ISO9001 and GMP certified quality control system, and test every batch of product in full before delivery to ensure the quality and safety to reach the highest standard.

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